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A bottle of Euroa Creeks ShirazEuroa Creeks is 100% Central Victorian Shiraz grown by Jo and Andrew Gall and made by David Lloyd.

The vineyard is located a little East of the township of Euroa about 5km North of the Hume Highway. The area is subject to both drought and frosts but produces intensely flavoured grapes. The area is very dry and has a very low disease pressure for grapes. The result is the vines have, in some years received no sprays at all and in others a regime that is based on a few sprays of the organic forms of copper and sulfur.

The grapes are hand picked and crushed in the field. We normally pick on at least two separate occasions although four separate days were required for the 2006 vintage. The tanks of skins and juice are then brought back to our winery at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula for the fermentation, pressing, oak aging and bottling processes. The wines are always aged in a mix of American and French oak, approximately 50% being new.

The first vintage was in 2002 of which 60 cases were sold in Australia and the remaining 350 was exported to the USA.

  • The 2003 vintage was a drought year and a mere 2 barrels were made from the 7.5 acres, most of which was exported to the USA where it  sold out in 15 minutes upon release.
  • 2004 was almost a perfect season and 500 cases were produced, with  400 of these being exported to the USA.
  • 2005 was a difficult season and only 120 cases of a RESERVE standard  wine was produced.
  • 2006 was an almost perfect season where we made three different  wines, the first release of 140 cases was called "Early Harvest" contained 1% Viognier grown on the Mornington Peninsula, the second release is of two wines, 270 cases of "Shiraz" and 110 cases of  "Reserve Shiraz"
  • 2007 was totally wiped out by Frost
  • 2008 was bottled and is sold out
  • Bushfires meant no crop in 2009
  • Drought meant no crop in 2010
  • A very wet and cold season in 2011 meant the crop was lost
  • In 2012 we decided to stop producing Euroa Creeks

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